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Continuity, energy, flow, relentlesness ... such are the things that the title track stands for. Keep the music Going and Going, that is the motto that pianist Lionel Haas went by , as he compiled this selection of originals and standards, diverse in style, feel and tempo.   
It's not always about reinventing the wheel, it's also about keeping the wheel rolling. And in order to do that, you need an engine strong enough for that task, one that is efficient, yet not intrusive. 
Drummer Tomas Hobzek and bass player Giuseppe Bottiglieri posess excactly those attributes by doing their parts in making each track a unique listening experience - whether it is the straight forward swing of the above-mentioned title track, the serenity of the classic piece, "Like Someone in Love", the passionate rhythms of "Cubano Chant" and "Magreb" or the souldful sounds of "Day of Reckoning". 
Not to forget the  virtuoso vocal sounds of Kgomotso Tsatsi, giving a certain Cole Porter classic an entirely new touch and, together with Lionel Haas, creating something as compelling as "Unchartered".  

Discography: Going and Going - 2013